Dark Knight Kobe Bryant Shoes

A new edition of the Nike Zoom Kobe VI is on it’s way to the marketplace. Since each week seems to bring a new Kobe VI, this is not ground-breaking news. What is news however, is the mystery that surrounds the colorway this new in which this Kobe VI will drop. The colorway is very reminiscent of a particular colorway we have seen on Kobe Bryant shoes in the past. A colorway even Bruce Wayne would be proud to wear.

The new Kobe VI colorway that we await is dropping in a Dark Grey/Blue-Black-Chilling Red. Sound familiar? It should. This Kobe VI features a dark snakeskin texture upper with accents of black and grey throughout. There are also hints of chilling red and blue located on the midsole, outsole, Swoosh, tongue, and heel cup. Getting the picture yet? Sounds like a colorway that has been seen on the Kobe IV and Kobe V. Hmmmm….

So how did this colorway that has been featured on the Kobe signature sneaker line in each of the last three years come to be known as the “Dark Knight”? Is it Nike that titled this shoe? Perhaps. Is it the sneaker community that lives for unique new colorways on shoes? Most likely. After all, the Nike shoe box that the “Dark Knight” Kobe colorways come in don’t contain the words “Dark Knight” anywhere on it.

The sneakerhead community consists of a creative, passionate, and intelligent group of people who simply love shoes. They absolutely live for new, creatively designed sneakers that are built with quality and performance. And in all colors and styles. A shoe like the Kobe VI “Dark Knight” sparks an enormous amount of excitement in sneakerheads. As a result, the sneakerhead community has to be a part of the creative process in one way or another. Attaching a moniker to a shoe, whether it is a superhero, celebrity, or even a cartoon character allows us sneakerheads to do just that.

Or, maybe, I am wrong, and the guys at Nike are indeed responsible for the naming of Kobe Bryant shoes. With so many colorways of Nike kicks hitting the market, actual color descriptions just don’t separate one shoe from another anymore. Titles and names are now needed to easily recognize one colorway from another.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if it is Nike or sneakerheads who “dub” the Kobe VI Dark Knight or any other shoe for that matter. The different colorways and the names associated with them is enough to make this the best time ever to be in love with sneakers.

The Dark Knight will be dropping soon If you are a sneakerhead, you don’t won’t to miss this one.

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