The Pope and the New World Order

The Pope.

“George”, we would have called him.

Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 1936, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the future Pope Francis was to become the first in several categories. First Jesuit Pope. First from the Southern Hemisphere (though he is ethnically Italian), first Pope from outside of Europe since Syrian Gregory III in the 8th century!

Why study the Pope when speaking of a New World Order? Easy. The Popes lost their rule centuries ago and would do most anything to get it back. Their aim, like all new-worlders, is world domination. They would say it is for kinder gentler motives, but the world has already seen what a Roman Catholic rule looks like, and for now is not interested.

But if the Pope can join hands with those who seek a rearrangement of nations, and help bring it about, perhaps the world will forget the brutality of its former reign. Let’s see if this Pope is the man we have been looking for.

The present Pope’s father was an Italian immigrant who left the fatherland during the reign of Mussolini. In Argentina, the family grew to five children, the oldest of which was Jorge. As a youth he attended a technical school and soon became an assistant in a chemical lab. Before this more professional work, Bergoglio had served as bar bouncer and janitor.

At age 21 the future Pope developed pneumonia. After recovery, he had career choices to make, and he decided on the priesthood. Three years of Seminary, and then entry into the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), 1958. His vows were taken in 1960. Poverty. Chastity. Obedience.

Hard to move on without a comment about “poverty.” That vow is supposed to be for a lifetime. And although it is true that this Pope has done away with many of the frills of the Papacy, and lived a humble existence in comparison to his predecessors, his estimated worth at this moment is $25 million. Not sure how all that works into the poverty vow.

Anyway, in 1960 he received a philosophy license, and began teaching literature and psychology in various schools.

He entered his theological studies in 1967 and in 1969 he was ordained to the priesthood. Titles and offices one after another were awarded him from 1969 to 1992.

Then it was on to the episcopate. Auxiliary Bishop. Bishop. And in 2001 Archbishop Bergoglio became Cardinal Bergoglio. His rise in power continued until in 2005 he was being considered already for the Papacy. But not quite. Not yet.

It was not until 2013, when the Cardinal was 76 years old that he was finally elevated to the top position, when he took the name Francis in honor of the saint who so loved the poor.

All men are flawed. So all Popes are flawed. As a Protestant, one of the greatest things that troubles me about this Pope and any Pope is the fact that he is a Pope, a “Holy Father” when such titles are forbidden among the people of God.

And of course, his message.Catholic doctrine sometimes meshes with Christian doctrine, and many are therefore enticed to join up. There are familiar sounding words within Rome.

So to look at this man’s beliefs and critique them is not so easy. Some Popes who have controversy with Romanism turn out to be near Protestants. Others have no connection to the Christian faith at all.

The news about this Pope is that he tends to be on the liberal side. But many Catholics consider him quite conservative.

He does repudiate abortion. But though he is opposed to gay marriage within the church, he welcomes civil unions of the same people.

If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, “Who am I to judge?” he philosophizes. “What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered. They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable because of it.”

But, same-sex marriage, he says, “disfigures God’s plan for creation.”

Divorce and remarriage has always been against Roman law. But Francis says,

“It is important that the divorced who have entered a new union should be made to feel part of the church.”

On the one hand he does not want old rules to be overlooked. On the other hand… he does.

The Pope plays a little fast and loose with Scripture also. The Lord’s prayer, prayed for millennia by earnest believers in and out of the Catholic Church, recently got a make-over by the Pope. “lead us not into temptation” should not be there. God doesn’t lead into temptation.

Not my words. The Pope’s words.

Francis the Globalist.

Bergoglio’s (sorry, Pope Francis’) strongest arguments are against right wing fascist-like politicians who stress taking care of their own nation as opposed to contributing to the global agenda. For example, Mr. Trump.

A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not of building bridges, is not Christian. Like Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump’s response to this attack was characteristic of the American leader:

He accused the pope of being a “pawn” of the Mexican government and warned that the Vatican would be attacked by ISIS if he (Trump) were not president.

Things settle down after the election, but the Pope has made it clear in other ways that he is definitely a New World Order man.

But then, the Pope must be a globalist. The Roman “church” he heads is global. Political. Catholic. The nations must be united and at peace to further Rome’s agenda.

Hidden behind the Pope’s plea for charity and peace among nations is a globalist agenda that sounds just like the dreams of world leaders past and present.

Massimo Faggioli speaks of all this in an article in La Croix, April 29, 2020.

“The COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on the world order and international relations, and of course also on the Catholic Church.The papacy stands out as a global reference point. That’s partly because most world leaders have lost credibility.”

Can’t trust world leaders? Trust the Pope.

“But it’s also because Pope Francis, from the very beginning of his pontificate, has continually articulated the vision of the one human family in this one world: a world made of borders that can become thresholds for new human relations.”

The very definition of globalism.

“Papal teaching in recent years has paved the way for a “global peace process”… [they] could not be more visibly different from the policies of the strongmen that currently lead governments in places like the United States, Russia, India, Turkey and Brazil.”

Rome vs the world. When all else fails, come home to us.

And how do you like that, Americans? Trump was a “strongman” like the ones in Communist countries and under dictatorships.

After the pandemic, there will be

“a new world order with quite different consequences in different countries. In Italy it meant the rise of Fascist rule between 1922-1925 and for two decades until the end of World War II.”

He fails to mention Rome’s silent compliance with the dictatorships of those years, and must be blind to compare them with America today, as he will strive to do…

“We can already see that the global health crisis has confirmed Pope Francis’ interpretation of our times as a disruption of globalization.”

What? We were on our way to a world government when COVID-19 slowed down our plans? Then thank God for COVID-19! When God has separated nations, as He did in Genesis 10, let not man bring them back together again.

He enlarges on his idea:

“However one sees it, the pandemic certainly could accelerate shifts in the balance of power in particular parts of the world.”

Balance of power. Code word for the New World Order.

The article goes on to punish Western countries for their response to Covid-19. Down with the West, in particular America. And China? Responding well, thank you.

No, the Pope did not write the preceding articles. But he well could have. And the Papacy has always been a factor in world events. There is no question which side Rome has taken and will take.

Rome is forever busy reaching out to non-Catholic entities to get on board. Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus. And other Christian entities are now dropping their guard, forgetting the reasons and the rhetoric of the Reformation, coming to Rome sweet home.

We’ve heard recently of bizarre meetings of Catholic leaders and Protestant preachers, embracing each other’s differences, washing each other’s feet, yea even kissing those appendages in public, to let God’s people know that we are all one.

But we are not. Not really. The stage is simply being set for visible oneness in religion and polity. Our enemy is attempting as he always has to subvert the ordering of God in Genesis, the creating of nation states that would live independently of one another, so as not to give Satan any ideas about ruling the entire world.

Many of these nations have determined that God will be their sovereign. Others continue to ignore Him and reap the benefits. So far, the world has resisted the idea of unity.

No longer. The threat of disease and war and poverty now rises up and demands oneness, at any price.

The price: the faith of Jesus Christ. Let it go!

Rome has shown no great zeal for truth over the centuries. Only for power. Bow to our man and you are part of the family. Go your own way and life is not good for you.

The present Pope will indeed walk in the footsteps of the men before him who have given their Papacy to the reunification of all who dared to leave them. And all men like sheep have strayed into the fold of their warm embrace. All but a few.

If indeed Rome is the city called Babylon, as Revelation 17 indicates, her glory will be short-lived in the end time. The political power that brought her up from near extinction will cast her off its back ultimately and give allegiance to one man.

World religion will collapse, and the religion of antichrist will rear its ugly head.

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