Rodgers Better Make Quick Decisions!

 I know that I should be gushing with optimism about a nice win over the Rams, but I am not. As I turn my eyes to the Minnesota game there are numerous things that concern me.  Minnesota is playing very good football and appear to be the best team in the NFC right now.  And the Packers have managed to go 2-1, but there are a lot of weaknesses in their game right now.

I did not initially get caught up in the hype when Favre first went to Minnesota.  I said “Ahh, who cares?  We’ll kick his ass.”  Of course I said that before I had any clue as to how horrible our tackles were going to be this year.  The bottom line is that they have the best running attack in the league and Favre will keep defenses honest.  They are undefeated and probably are the most complete team in the NFC right now.  At least they appear to be after Favre’s dramatic comeback today. What a crock of crap! The Vikings also have the best defensive line in football.  

Hmm, how interesting, the Packers have one of the worst offensive lines in football.  Sounds like a great recipe for a massive headache come next Monday night. I mentioned this already in a previous post, but I am going to go over it again just because it is so critical.  Rodgers really has to be conservative when he plays the Vikes next Monday.  I know this is kind of a weak stance, but his health is bigger than that game.  I do not want him hanging in the pocket only to get smashed by the Williams brothers and Jared Allen.  

They nearly tore his head off last year when we had both Clifton and Tauscher!  It  will probably be really ugly this year. I firmly believe that the only thing that the Packers and Rodgers can do is plan to get that ball out of there quickly.  Boring five yard passes are a good thing.  They keep the ball moving forward and prevent huge hits on our franchise quarterback.  I also think that it might actually be more effective than all this deep dropback hold onto the ball forever type of thing they have going on this season.  I am talking about true west coast offensive strategy here. So, do I think the Packers will ultimately execute such a strategy on Monday?  

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