Doug McDermott, a Bull

Has Doug McDermott secured his position for the Chicago Bulls? Any fans of the Chicago Bulls or just fans of the NBA in general will say yes without a doubt and that is the truth. He is playing way better than his rookie year and has been lights out behind the 3 point line. He is coming up in big ways for the Bulls who need his role and his play at crucial moments to bring the Bulls back into the game or to just give them the momentum they need. His rookie year he didn’t get a lot of minutes and was only averaging 3 points a game with only averaging 9 minutes a game. It was well known that most rookies don’t get much playing time so he wasn’t hurt and was always prepared to play when the time came. This year his patience and hard work paid off when his coach called upon him to play. He is averaging 23 minutes a game and almost 10 points a game. He has increased his average up 7 points a game and it is only his second year for the Chicago Bulls. He has had games where he is scoring 20-30 points and has many back to back 20 point games.

His three point percentage has gone up from.317% to.431% this year beyond the arc. That shows that he worked a tremendous amount on his game during the offseason and is striving to get better. The Chicago Bulls almost used to lack the offensive power but throwing McDermott into the mix helps the Bulls out in many ways. Not only is he shooting well beyond the arc, but also is driving to the lane and dunking as well. He is showing not only his coach and teammates, but also the fans that he deserves to be on the team and in a Chicago Bulls uniform representing the team, and I agree with him 100%. He has developed a few nicknames in his short career such as Douggie McBuckets as well as a new catch phrase Stacey King, who is commentator for the Bulls, has given him is “gimme the hot sauce” whenever McBuckets shoots a three, which has been a lot this year so far considering the minutes he is getting. Those are some of the reasons of how he has secured his spots for the Bulls, keep it up Douggie.

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