AMA Nation – Public Power LLC – Top MLM/Network Marketing Review

Recently the internet and the media have been buzzing about the deregulation of the gas and electric industries. Until recently they were monopolies and the consumers had no choice. It was either take it or leave it. Now consumers in 23 states have the opportunity to choose their electric provider and save 15-20 % or more on their energy bills. There are currently 3 major Network Marketing companies and with more companies certain to jump on the bandwagon. This review will be discussing some of the pros and cons of AMA Nation.



The company was founded by 2 experienced marketing professionals from Florida. Both have extensive experience with network marketing and selling discounted electricity to major commercial users. They were approached by Mr. Bob Gries to establish a marketing company for Public Power LLC, headquartered in Connecticut. Mr. Gries and purchased 100% interest in Public Power approximately 4 years ago.

He is a long respected businessman located in Tampa, Fl. He owns a large Asset Management company in Tampa, started 2 professional sports franchises in Tampa and Orlando and his family was involved with ownership of the Cleveland Browns for years. He felt strongly that the way to spread the news quickly was via the Network Marketing model.


The energy market is 6 times larger than the telecommunications market. When the AT&T and the telecom industry was broken up and de-regulated in the early 1980″s, consumers saved millions, product innovation returned and entrepreneurs who spotted the opportunity early on in the game, made fortunes. The energy market currently represents a similar opportunity.


The service is simply discounted gas or electric service. What residential customer or commercial business would not seize on the opportunity to save 15 -20% on their electric bill, particularly with energy prices rising. It’s interesting that AMA is one of a very few companies that offers their reps the opportunity to actually earn a substantial income from just selling the service without having to recruit anyone. The potential in the commercial end of the business is huge.


Without going into a lot of detail, there are 8 ways to earn income: 4 are immediate income and 4 are long-term residual income. In my opinion, AMA offers one the few opportunities in the Network Marketing to earn a True residual income. Most companies in the health and wellness industry have a substantial, yearly customer turnover making it difficult to develop a residual income without having a huge down line. Electricity on the other hand is probably the very last service that a family would drop if they are tying to reduce expenses. A family would be far more likely to eliminate their land line, cell phone service, cable TV, Tivo, and internet service before cutting off their electric service.


Initially AMA offered little in terms of training and internet marketing support. That all changed recently and they have a new state-of-art website with loads of training and support. More recently they approved a complete, turnkey marketing system called End The Hype. This appears to be the most, technologically advanced training and marketing system available today. End The Hype, along with a superior compensation plan seem to give AMA a major advantage over their competition.


The fee to join is currently only $39.95. This compares with more typical fees of $199 to $499 to join other companies. Ongoing monthly fee is only $44.95 per month, compared with typical MLM auto-ship requirements of $50 to $100 per month.


I could not find any. If I was not happy where I am today, I would consider this company to be of 4 or 5 I would consider very seriously.

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