Receive Fax by Email With Internet Fax Services

Internet fax services allow you to send and receive fax by email at a much affordable price and with higher quality compared to using fax machine. If you like to save time and money than online faxing is for you. Whether you need a personal faxing solution or a service for a small or big business you are sure to find the right plan that meets your faxing needs.

How to Receive Fax by Email

Faxes can be easily sent and received via email thanks to online fax services. These services provide you with the gateway that allows you to throw out your fax machine and simply use your computer and internet connection to fax. Faxing online is similar to sending emails except you send faxes to a fax number and if someone sends a fax to your fax number you receive online just like an email. You can then print out the fax, forward it or delete it.

Not only are online faxing service cheap (starting at just $8 a month) but they also help you save money compared to using a fax machine. For example, since you receive faxes on your computer, you choose whether it needs to be printed out or not, this saving ink and paper supplies. Also this helps keeps you faxes more secure. Also did you know that a fax machine is the most energy consuming office machine?

Receive Fax by Email FREE

Yes, that’s correct, FREE. Many of the top rated internet faxing service offer FREE 30 day trials. This gives you plenty of time to test and review the internet fax service of your choice and see for yourself how it works and if it is truly the best faxing solution for you.

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