Lindsay Lohan Bares All in Steamy Photo Shoot

Even though most of my writing is about advertising, marketing, sales, promotions and business in general, I find once in a while I must take a break from that and write about some hot topics in the news today.

Currently one the hottest topics in the news today is Lindsay Lohan`s steamy (well steamy if you think she is attractive) pictures ala Monroe-esque.

According the NNDB, “At three, Lindsay Lohan was a working model. As a kid she appeared in ads for dozens of products from Pizza Hut to the Gap, and co-starred with Bill Cosby in a Jell-O commercial. At six, she was one of the trick-or-treaters who rang David Letterman`s doorbell on a Halloween Late Show. Her costume was made from garbage allegedly found on the D-train, and Letterman gave her a garden hose. At ten, Lohan was a semi-regular on the soap opera Another World, as Alexandra “Ally” Fowler. The following year, she made her motion picture debut as twins in Disney`s 1998 remake of The Parent Trap with Dennis Quaid.”

She was very busy and on her way to be being an even bigger star until all the drugs, alcohol, partying and wild life style hit. Lohan entered the Cirque Lodge alcohol rehab in Sundance, Utah following her second drunk-driving arrest in three months in July 2007. This is the third rehab facility Lohan has checked into this year after stints at Wonderland and Promises in California.

But what has kept her in the news as of late is her naked pictures where she is depicting a somewhat re-enactment of Madelyn Monroe`s photos from many years ago.

According to Lycos, “Lindsay`s latest publicity move mimicking Marilyn Monroe`s 1962 final photo shoot, she created quite an online buzz. In New York Magazine`s current Spring Fashion issue, Lindsay bares it all, well most of it. Photograpger Bert Stern, who also photographed Marilyn Monroes`s original Vogue shoot, says he chose Lohan because he suspected Lindsay “had a lot more depth” than some give her credit for. Lohan, is apparently a big fan of the 1950s icon, she owns an apartment where Marilyn once lived and has a huge painting of the famous blonde bombshell.”

Lindsay Lohan, the oldest of three siblings, was born in The Bronx and grew up in Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island in New York. Daughter of Michael Douglas Lohan Sr., and Donata “Dina” Sullivan. All of Lindsay`s three younger siblings, are budding actors: brother Michael Jr., appeared as the “Lost Boy at Camp” in her movie The Parent Trap (1998); sister Aliana had a small role in Lindsay`s 2003 movie Freaky Friday…as did brother Dakota (Cody). Lindsay claims she has a superb relationship with her brothers and sister.

After releasing her steamy photos who knows what is next for the young actress, but one thing for sure, if she wants to get more press, it may have to be something bigger and more dramatic then taking off her clothes.

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