A Supernatural Christmas Miracle Caught on Tape

With its industry dominance today, it is hard to believe that a few short years ago Apple was almost put out of business in one of the most controversial moments in recent technological history.

In the early 1980’s Apple dominated the personal computer business, until IBM came up with a new idea. The plan was simple; allow other companies to clone their machines so that IBM-compatible computers flooded the market and overtook Apple by sheer volume.

IBM’s plan worked, and in the end even Apple was forced to start making processors compatible with their biggest competition.

Then in a notorious move IBM used its momentum to do the unthinkable, it decided to make a new machine that was compatible with no one and drive everyone out of business.

Surprisingly its new machine, the PS/2 was not even compatible with previous IBM equipment.

Loyal customers felt double crossed and walked away, and the clone makers banned together to keep making the old machines until this time it was IBM that was forced to cooperate with its competition and once again resume making its PC friendly computers while completely abandoning the PS/2.

It is from the cutthroat business world we receive such clichés as, “It’s a dog eat dog world out there,” and “Nice guys finish last.”

Indeed, much of Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol forces audiences to examine the consequences of selfish and self-centered living that exploits others to gain the upper hand.

But sometimes there is a story that comes through at just the right time to restore our faith in the message and wonder of Christmas.

Enter Duane Miller, an unassuming preacher who lost his voice.

At the time doctor’s believed a severe infection was responsible for the permanent damage to his vocal cords. Miller was forced to leave the ministry and unable to find another job.

Sales were out of the question and so was teaching as his voice was reduced to a raspy whisper. Feeling isolated and abandoned, Miller was heartbroken as his wife went to work to support the family.

Then one day, by chance some might say, Miller was asked to fill in teaching a Sunday school class at the last minute. A special microphone would have to be provided so what little remaining hushed and hoarse voice could be heard, something the doctors assured him would be completely gone in a short time.

Yet this class was different, the only one recorded that day and with less than two hundred people present.

His lesson? To read from Psalm 103, and discuss the fact that God doesn’t always heal the sick. And at just that moment, in front of a small group of people, a miracle happened and it was all caught on tape. Incredibly Duane’s voice was miraculously restored.

You can hear to the unbelievable moment at Duane’s site, http://www.nuvoice.org. And though it will take less than two minutes to listen to, the affects might just last a lifetime.

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