The Jamaica Gleaner is the Most Popular Jamaica Newspaper

Jamaica Newspaper

There are several Jamaica newspapers which one can purchase whilst on the island. The main ones of these being the Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica Star, Love Herald and the Sunday Herald.

The daily papers available on the island at the Gleaner, Observer and Star and all of which provide information relating to both local and international matters. They also provide information regarding special events and celebrations which may be taking place on the island whilst you visit. The quality daily Jamaica newspapers are the Observer and Gleaner and the Star is its tabloid.

Whereas the Love Herald and the Sunday Herald and only weekly papers and the Love Herald is dedicated to matters of religion. As for the Sunday Herald this provides well researched stories for you to enjoy as you sit back and relax on your holiday on a Sunday morning.

But not only can these papers be purchased in paper form on the island if you want to keep up to date with what is occurring when away from Jamaica they offer websites as well. But these sites offer much more than just the latest news and weather information.

Here you can if you want arrange hotel accommodation. Plus many offer their readers vouchers for a wide variety of different things to do with travel and shopping. So if you really want to keep up to date with what is happening with Jamaica these Jamaican newspaper websites also offer the facility to sign up to their messaging services.

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