Economic Collapse: How to Make Money in an Uncertain Economy

The Federal Reserve has played a large role in creating economic uncertainty and the potential for an economic collapse. Through its unprecedented Quantitative Easing, the Fed is creating market conditions that make it difficult for people to calculate their financial future. To thrive during the economic collapse it will be necessary to know what options are available, as well as which ones provide the most potential for profit.

The basic options from which you can choose are saving, investing, or speculating. When you save you are simply consuming less than you produce. Saving is very important to economic growth because it is where capital (the means of production) originates from. However, there is not much incentive for people to save right now because of the very low interest rates generated by the Federal Reserve’s expansive monetary policy. And after all, who would want to be foolish enough to save up a bunch of green pieces of paper (or digits in a bank account) that are constantly being devalued by a central bank such as the Federal Reserve? So while savings are necessary for economic growth, to avoid being a victim of inflation in the economic collapse you as an individual will want to look at other options.

Investment is much easier during times of economic stability when there is little risk of an economic collapse. An example would be buying stock in an auto manufacturing company. But when government interventions such as regulations, taxes, and inflation are prevalent investing becomes much more dangerous. These government interventions are likely to increase in the future, especially in light of the current statist environment. Backwards government policies are likely to prevail in a futile attempt to prevent an economic collapse, so investment is probably not your best bet to make money in the near future.

Unfortunately, the American economy is far from a free market system. That is why speculation exists. In a free market there wouldn’t be many opportunities for speculators to make money. Speculators operate by taking advantage of government created distortions in the economy. Speculators have gotten a bad rap because they are generally making money during an economic collapse when most other people are losing their shirts. To do this they position themselves ahead of the mainstream and buy when everyone else is selling or vice versa. For instance, if I buy a certain commodity right now with the expectation that there will be a buying frenzy in the future by the masses, I am speculating. Some current speculative moves in the coming economic collapse are in commodities such as crude oil and food crops, precious metals like gold, and currencies. Simply buying and holding physical gold and silver has the potential to yield massive gains in the future as economic crises worsen. To make money in times of economic uncertainty you’ll want to start learning about these and other speculative plays.

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