Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding – 5 Things She Needs for Planning the Perfect Day

Ages-old British traditions will likely dictate many of the details exclusive to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s much-anticipated wedding, but as most broomjumpers will attest, the actual ceremony is only the beginning. Millions of viewers will get to see the grand entrance, the vows, and the official smooch, but everyone who isn’t close to the couple will have to sit out the reception, and with it, the bride’s opportunity to personalize her big day. If Kate’s public image as a playful, independent spirit is any indication of her popularity, these personal nuances are what the world will hope to read about most when it’s all over.

Electing the right designer to create a mega-dress fit for a princess and choosing which royal accessories will make the final costume are just the beginning in her dreamy marriage to an even dreamier beau. In the spirit of encouraging a spunky bride-to-be to enjoy the whirlwind process of getting married, here’s a list of five things Kate needs to stress less:

1. A chalkboard wall decal can provide a noncommittal writing space for organizing her thank-yous, designing potential bouquets, and keeping track of stress-eating credits and debits. Once the dust has settled, she can hang it where her hubby will see all the little love notes and reminders to pick up eggs at the market that make a union special.

2. Any child reared in the 1980s knows that owning a fashion design sketch set is necessary for planning a well-outfitted future. Kate can use hers to maintain her fabulous sense of style and successfully pull off presenting her best self during the photography frenzy she’s sure to encounter for years to come.

3. A small auxiliary refrigerator can help her hang on to wedding food samples thousands of British purveyors are dying to send her in the hope that she’ll choose them as official wedding day caterers. It would be a shame to throw away cakes and hors d’oeuvres fit for a queen when she could just as easily save and share them with her prince and pals during a relaxing movie marathon or parkside cricket match.

4. Picking up a few layerable gold charm necklaces or weeklong spa getaway packages for her flower girls and ladies-in-waiting will eliminate the need to shop at the last minute for wedding party favors.

5. When the most dreadful planning days have sapped her energy, she’ll want some high-quality sound speakers and a stash of favorite songs to help her cut loose. Once she’s nice and rehabilitated, she can test out a few songs that might make her first dances perfect. Still, there’s nothing wrong with forgetting about the wedding just long enough to hang up a disco ball, grab her prince’s hand, and enjoy a much sillier version of the St. Bernard’s Waltz.

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