\”Requesting Your Thoughts on the Following Dozen Topics,” Asked the Think Tank

Many folks wonder what a Think Tank actually does, and people also wonder what Futurists do. More importantly, one should be asking how they might indeed be of assistance to both shaping the future and giving input or advice on matter in their area of expertise. Not long ago, an Internet style think tank asked a few questions of its members. These questions were based on recent events around the middle of the year in 2010.

The questions are as follows;

  • There were Russian Spies Caught in the US, and they used the internet, social networking, etc., to recruit up and comings – what other nations might have spies here using those same tactics? You see, there must be 50-75 nations with spies in the US, some sleepers, some interested more in corporate espionage, proprietary information, and of course, many interested in military secrets.
  • The Carlyle Group purchased a fishery out of Hong Kong, fishing in the Northern Atlantic – why? No other place on Earth where fish are Mercury Free, or where there areas without dead zones or over fished left? Remember Omega 3 is essential to human diet, humans need fish for food.
  • The EU bank “Stress Tests” appear to be as laughable as the Global Warming alarmist email scandal inquiry. Were those stress tests merely an investor confidence booster, and if so, what’s the real deal on the European Union economy in 2010.
  • Race-Baiting continues, just like the World Cup players falling down and carrying on to draw a yellow card on the opponent team. Recently, a major player in the Obama Administration was fired after her NAACP speech, turns out she was wronged, so how might this effect the on-going race dialogue in our nation?
  • The Chinese said they didn’t want a US aircraft carrier to participate in the North Sea war games and so the US said no aircraft carrier would be in US-South Korea war games, but it showed up anyway. Will this cause further tensions in the dispute over sea territory around China?
  • Dalian City pipeline explosions, who did it, and why? Was it North Korea, port workers angry, as port traffic down 12% on the month, no pay raises = layoffs. This Dalian City oil spill pollution could kill yellow sea crabs in the same area N. Korea harvests crabs within the neutral zone. Meanwhile the following week labor saboteurs blew up a chemical pipeline in another part of China. Industrial pollution due to labor disputes?
  • The Chinese government is under fire for Three Gorges Dam claims to hold back 10,000 year flood, only 10-years after last big flooding on the Yangtze, over 2000 dead. Is that dam really built to last?
  • Boeing is working with Diamond Aircraft Co, making a civilian aircraft into a UAV, is Boeing using small business innovation as a strategy to beat out its rivals such as Northrop, Lockheed, L-3, and others on government contracts and foreign military sales where other governments don’t quite have the money to buy the top of the line products?
  • Greece despite austerity measures continues its contract for German Submarines and the A400M, as part of IMF deal, was this part of the deal, intentional, what’s going on behind the scenes?
  • Kurdish rebels blow up gas pipeline from Iran to Turkey, interesting – so, who is behind that one? Remember Iran has the fourth largest oil reserves, and has 15% of the world’s known natural gas reserves.
  • Columbia and Venezuela political posturing again, war threats, while Bolivia Evo Morales chimes in, taking sides – why, is Bolivia ALBA’s pet dictator of the decade?

You see, if you want to join a think tank you need to know a little bit about a lot of things and have a specialty of knowledge to work from. So, if you were wondering what sorts of things Think Tanks think about or what sort of information futurists take into consideration to determine possible futures, well, now you know! Please think on this.

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