Katara – Character of Avatar the Last Airbender

Katara is a girl character from anime-cartoon TV Show – Avatar The Last Airbender. She was fourteen year-old girl, which had supernatural powers, and could manage the water. She was called Waterbender and was the only one in her tribe who could manage the water.

The Fire Nation warriors very often were attacking their villages. They were also attacking all the other villages and tribes as well as Earthbenders. They were attacking everything on their way. And once, when the Fire Nation raiders came, Katara’s mother for rescuing her daughter, rescuing as a single left Waterbender on this tribe, in this Waterbender region, in exchange for daughter salvation, she gave herself, her life.

Katara didn’t live alone. She had a brother Sokka, who had no special powers, but he was a warrior. It should be mentioned that he was a very funny person with a lot of sarcasm, but very dedicated and as a brother and as a friend. Only they were left from their family. Once, when they were fishing, they have found an iceberg, and they saw a boy inside. She with her powers dissolved an iceberg and thus released him. It revealed that there was an Avatar – Aang and his bison – Appa. They were very glad to see him, because there were no any news about Avatar for 100 years. So they all became very good friends. Katara and her brother Sokka joined the Avatar’s task to save the world from the Fire Nation, and she traveled with him around the world and as far as possible helping Aang to meet his mission.

As Waterbender she was very young, so when she was traveling with Aang, she also wanted to expand her knowledge, her abilities, how to manage the water better. Therefore, when there were opportunities to learn more, she studied it with enthusiasm. Once fall into her hands the manuscript about water management. And she studied it with Aang. She wanted to expand her abilities of water managing but Aang had to learn it from the beginning.

Young Waterbender from time to time was remembering her grandmother. She remembered how her grandmother gave her a necklace, pendant around the neck, which was very precious for her. Later, this necklace helped her very much. She had a meeting with the best Waterbender Master, who was never teaching girls. He was bent that girls can only treat with their powers. By the way, Katara could do it as well, she also could heal with her powers. Once when Aang was learning to master a Fire, he accidentally burned Katara’s hands. And she healed them immediately with her powers.

So the old Waterbender Master told her that her place is among the other women who treated wounded. But she disagreed. There was a dispute and this persistent Master, she called to a duel to show him what she can. Of course, because she was Waterbender beginner and less experienced, she lost that duel. When she was fighting, she lost her necklace, which her grandmother gave her. When the fighting ended, the old master noticed it on the ground and lift it. He remembered that this is the same necklace, which he gave to his fiancee – Katara’s grandmother. Thus, it appeared that this good but stubborn master was a fiance of her grandmother. Then the old master’s heart melted off, and he decided to allow her to learn a Waterbending.

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