Brett Favre Saga – Help the Packers

The 2008 pre-season training camp has begun right on time this week in Green Bay, and without legendary quarterback Brett Favre who is still in limbo as to where he will wind up playing football this year after changing his mind about retirement. This has created what is essentially a dark cloud over himself, the Green Bay Packers, and the National Football League in general. This is indeed a rather unfortunate situation after such a stellar partnership between Favre and the Packers.

There have been many discussions and polls and news stories about who is more in the right, Brett  or the Green Bay Packers. Should Favre have stuck to his decision to retire (or at least put more thought into it before announcing the retirement)? The answer is probably a resounding yes. Although he basically caused this mess, should the Green Bay Packers focus on starting an unknown and unproven quarterback to lead the team’s offense (while turning an absolute cold shoulder to Brett Favre)? The answer is probably a resounding no.

The team marches on. This along with the fact that Brett Favre did retire could possibly make an interested individual stop and think that if he wants to come back, why not accept the role of second string quarterback to the unproven Aaron Rodgers. If he did this there would be a real likelihood that he would wind up playing more in the games than Rodgers anyway.

Brett Favre is probably not the type of person to let his ego stand in the way of him making a decision on this. This will however unfortunately greatly taint a perfect sixteen year relationship between Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

Maybe the ultimate end to this would be if Brett Favre did accept the second position. He would be back to playing professional football for the only team that he should appropriately be a part of (honor), and he would be helping the Packers by offering them his services as one of the great quarterbacks of all time. Helping the Packers in this fashion would be greatly appreciated by all Green Bay fans. There would be no shame in this because everyone understands retirement.

It is very rare and very special when a relationship develops between one professional sports team and one player which lasts for sixteen years and goes down in history as being so unique. An unfortunate tainted legacy indeed.

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