6 Reasons Virginia Beach Is a Popular Vacation Destination

A popular vacation destination is Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is nestled on the Mid-Atlantic Coast neighboring the Chesapeake Bay. Home to about a half million residents in its 500 square miles, it is one of 7 cities in the economic region known as Hampton Roads. While the most popular vacation season stretches from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the city is alive year-round with things to do.


There are about 35 miles of beaches in Virginia Beach. Many of them are accessible to the public. The average water temperatures in the summer are in the upper 60s to mid 70s. Air temperatures range from low 80s to upper 90s in the summertime. The average winter air and water temperatures in wintertime are in the low 40s.


Many of the places to stay offer Virginia Beach vacation packages. The city is about 15 minutes from the Norfolk airport, and has shuttle access to a train station in Newport News. Airlines, trains, car rental agencies, hotels and restaurants often coordinate discounts and coupons for visitors. There are many Virginia Beach hotels open year-round, but not all of them are convenient to the Oceanfront area.

Whale Watching

In the wintertime, whales migrate to the warmer southern waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They spend time off the Virginia Beach coast. Their heads and tails can be seen cresting above the water. Humpback and fin whales are the most common sightings. Whale watching excursions are featured from late December through early May by the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.


Virginia Beach weddings and family reunions are popular reasons people visit the resort city. Hotels offer special discount rates for large groups. There are many activities to keep family members and friends of all ages busy during the week. Spending a few relaxing

days on the beach gives guests a chance to get to know each other, celebrate and catch up with old acquaintances.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel connects the Eastern Shore of Virginia with the southeastern tip of Virginia. Extending 17.6 miles, it is known as one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern Times. It was originally completed in 1964, with a second span completed in 1999 to handle the increased traffic. An engineering marvel, the bridge-tunnel is also a popular fishing spot, offering a pier, restaurant and gift shop.

Clean Air

Virginia Beach has clean air. It has help from the Atlantic Ocean breezes and a hint of salt hanging in the air near the beaches. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the City of Virginia Beach has no bad air days.

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