Carmelo Anthony Knicks Jersey

New York is in shock over landing the Melo Man. Already in his debut against the Milwaukee Bucks, Carmelo Anthony took over the Garden with rabid New York fans chanting “Melllo, Melllo, Melllo”. With Melo Mania alive and well, New York Knicks fans all want to get the new Carmelo Anthony Knicks jersey.

Interestingly enough, Carmelo’s new Knicks jersey number is 7, not #15 like he wore in Denver. Melo might have wanted a fresh start anyway but because #15 has already been retired by the Knicks, he went with lucky number 7.

In Carmelo’s first game as a Knick, he scored 27 points on 10-25 shooting to go with 10 rebounds in a 114-108 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. With this type of performance, New York Knicks fans are ready to don their Melo gear and begin a new tradition of winning in Gotham City.

The problem is many online retailers and stores didn’t have any Carmelo Anthony Knicks jerseys in stock because the trade didn’t become official until late Tuesday afternoon. Needless to say, manufacturers are working around the clock to meet the demand for new Carmelo Knicks jerseys but they will not be in stock at most physical store locations for two weeks.

However, now Knicks Carmelo jerseys are available to order online from a select few websites. How long is the expected delivery presents another dilemma. Buyers are being quoted delivery of their new jersey within 2 weeks. No word on whether that’s a conservative estimate on the long side or not.

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