3 Characteristics Which Make Ted Turner Mega-Successful

I just finished up a biography chronicling the life of Ted Turner.

The man behind CNN is a brilliant visionary. He helped to create the cable news industry as we know it.

Turner went through hell at times, a side of his life not many know about. His father beat him severely and emotionally abused him. Ultimately, his dad decided to commit suicide due to his mental demons.

The billionaire proves you can move in either direction when faced with adversity. You can become a victim or victor.

He Made Adversity A Springboard

After sustaining severe mental and physical abuse for years and suffering through his father’s suicide, Turner became suicidal himself. He was a severe manic depressive who experienced the highest highs and lowest lows.

Rather than mail in his life he was able to transform these energies into a tremendous drive which created the titan he is today. He turned his obstacles into stepping stones.

He Is Confident And Brash

Turner didn’t care what other people said or thought. He was maniacal in reaching his goals, and he wasn’t afraid to tell people what he was going to do before he did it.

Some might call his attitude arrogance, others a level of supreme confidence. To reach billionaire status you must believe in yourself so deeply that you ignore anyone or anything which suggests that you can’t become world-renowned. Some may develop their thick skin in a more humble manner but I can’t argue with his results.

He Is Always Innovating

Notice how billionaires are constantly coming up with ideas to change the world? That’s why they’re billionaires; they’re less concerned with the money and more concerned with creating.

Turner has owned the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Hawks and is frequently involved in environmental causes. The grass doesn’t grow beneath his feet.

I enjoy reading about the lives of successful people before they “made it”. As my girlfriend keenly noted the general public looks at successful people like a different species but many of these folks had to experience trials and tribulations just like each of us, or in many cases worse. The Ted Turner bio mentioned Abraham Lincoln and a handful of other creative geniuses who were probably severe manic depressives like TT.

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