Too Many Sex and Violence Cases on Television News

We seem to be having way too many sex and violence court cases on Television and the media has tried to mile this for way too long. Even blowing out of proportion many cases around the nation and as it stands now there are simply; Too Many Sex and Violence Cases on Television News.

From the Duke Rape Case Trial to the Natalie Holloway case, it is a non-stop circus with lawyers as commentators and many news networks are indeed completely suffering. Fox News in fact has seen ratings go down and down and is losing its key time slot ratings and under the gun to bring the results back up? Are people simply burned out on all this? Perhaps they are, they have certainly lost me as a viewer.

How about you are you watching any of this garbage lately? Worse off have you also noticed that the segments on Television News are under 4 minutes now, apparently they think the American Public has the attention span of a Nat, like Ted Turner himself on CNN.

Well the news television networks have for too long been trying to force more commercials into less time on air. Now these networks cut of every single guest so you never get any real news, just fighting back and forth? Looks more like the Apprentice Donald Trump show than anything else really. Consider all this in 2006.

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