Dr. Ian’s Fat Smash Diet – An in depth look at the book "The Smash Diet" by Ian Smith

The following review is an unbiased view of the book “The Fat Smash Diet” by Dr. Ian K. Smith.

About Dr. Ian K. Smith, M.D.

Dr. Ian Smith received his Bachelors degree from Harvard College and a Masters of Science degree from Columbia University. He attended Dartmouth Medical School and finished the last two years of his medical schooling at University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.

The author of the Fat Smash Diet also featured in, and published several articles in Essence, Ebony, Cosmopolitan, People, Time, Newsweek, and New York Daily News. He often appears in various radio and TV shows such as the VH1 Celebrity Fit Club, NBC News, and NBC Nightly News.

Dr. Ian Smith is also the author of three other books — The Blackbird Papers, Dr. Ian Smith’s Guide to Medical Websites and The Take-Control Diet.

A native of Danbury, CT, Dr. Ian Smith currently resides in Manhattan.

The new release of the Fat Smash Diet book titled ‘Start seeing results in just 9 days “The Fat smash diet“, the last diet you’ll ever need’ is planned to come out in January of 2007.

What is the Fat Smash Diet?

The fat smash diet falls into the “restrictive” diets group. The fat smash diet or smash diet restricts calories and certain food types, in particular proteins and refined carbohydrates.

The program is 90 days long divided into four phases.

1. Phase I – 9 days of Detoxification

This phase supposed to cleanse the body and blood from impurities and provide the dieter with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The book never explains how this phase supposed to achieve it, what minerals the foods will replenish or what impurities are removed.

The recommended physical activity, in various forms of aerobics, is 30 minutes, five times a week.

2. Phase II – Foundation

For three 3 weeks, after Phase I, the dieter can eat whatever they ate in Phase I and reintroduce mostly cereals and lean meats such as skinless baked chicken, seafood, eggs, and some milk and cheese.

Physical activity should be increased by 10 to 15%. Free weight exercises are highly discouraged, as in Phase I.

3. Phase III – Construction

For 4 weeks a dieter may eat everything that was available at Phases I and II, and add back some breads, pastas and desserts.

Increasing the physical activity with additional 25%, from previous phase is the goal. Light free weight exercises are optional.

4. Phase IV – The Temple

For the rest of the life of the dieter, this is the permanent state. Besides the foods from previous phases, wine and beer are added in moderation.

Exercise by now is suggested at an intense 1 hour, five times a week.

How is the book?

Although the cover suggest “50 easy & tasty recipes“, it does not hit the count even if recipes like “mango compote” — with the ingredients of peeled pitted and diced mangoes with granulated sugar substitute like Splenda over it, is counted…

Some suggest that they enjoy the short, “no fancy doctor talk”, Dr Ian’s Fat Smash Diet book is scant at best on any explanation.

The book is 160 pages, half-letter size (8.5″ x 5.5″) and large font. The introduction and basis of the diet presented on 4 pages, then after each phase is presented in often less then two pages. Most of the chapters are taken up by lists of foods which you may or may not eat.

By page 56 the reader is all done, and into the “tasty recipes” section. At the end of the book, there is a Body Mass Index table, a short list of food fiber content, a chart how to read nutritional food labeling, and calorie burned during various exercises. These pages take 10 pages of the precious 160.

There a couple of good parts within the Fat Smash Diet book by Dr. Ian Smith.

— The constant reminder to exercise is an excellent advice, but the restriction from free weights is puzzling.

— Increasing the number of meals to 4 or more is one of the best ways to control appetite and metabolic rate, as Dr. Ian suggests.

— Combined with the increased number of meals, Dr. Ian reminds the dieter of portion control. An other often skipped-over topic.

— Dr Ian suggests that dieting is at least 50% mental, and indeed most dieters already know, dieting is mostly mental.


Dr. Ian maybe an expert in his field, and as he helps others, the Fat Smash Diet may be an exceptional solution to a serious issue, but he is definitely not an author.

The book is a disappointment, despite all the media hype and glitz surrounding the Fat Smash Diet and Dr. Ian Smith.

In a sentence, the Fat Smash Diet suggests – eat less, eat natural foods, eat more frequently, exercise. The reader just saved $13.

Please note that Tincap members are not zealots of any particular diet plan. We promote healthy and reasonable lifestyle.

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