Milwaukee Bucks Gambling Articles: Early 2006 Season Analysis

Terry Stotts like any coach who coached the Grizzlies, Hawks and Clippers, begins his real coaching career this year, and is doing a great job. Magloire and Simmons were added at the start, as well as rookie Andrew Bogut and T.J Ford’s return. The new additions have given Milwaukee new playoff life.

The 11-7 Bucks have a good rotation of big men. Andrew Bogut has performed well enough to earn the spot over Joe Smith. Magloire has given them strong rebounding intensity. That’s why the Bucks are leading the NBA in rebounding. Bobby Simmons is very nonchalant; he doesn’t get very many plays called for him, but he’ll make an outside shot or dunk it when he has to.

Milwaukee is leading the NBA in 3P%. Michael Redd is doing a very good job leading the team. T.J. Ford isn’t necessarily a true PG, but he is an exceptional shooter. Add that with his great quickness and you have a very productive Point Guard. Playing time has been down obviously for Maurice Williams, but that hasn’t stopped him. Williams has already hit two game winning shots this year.

The problem with a young team like this the defense. Giving up 99.7 PPG, they are 26th in the NBA in Points allowed. Other than the Cavaliers (who they played yesterday) they are the worst in defending the 3-pointer. At times it’s scorer by committee for Milwaukee. Redd, Williams, Ford and Simmons all alternate as team leader, so consistency is a problem. And while Magloire and Bogut help out on the glass, they don’t provide many points on the scoreboard.

The division they are in with Cleveland, Indiana and Detroit is going to be hard to topple. Considering that the seed that the seed they’d be if the postseason started today would be low, they don’t have a great chance for success this year. But they’re heading in the right direction nonetheless.

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