Rediscovering Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

I don’t even remember if I’ve ever read the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and if I did, I probably steamrolled my way through it, thinking I had the concepts down. I was wrong. I recently found Blaine Oelkers, Mastering Think and Grow Rich guidebook. You can find Blaine’s guidebook at the end of this article. From this new perspective, I have begun to read the book as a textbook, rather than just another inspirational book. According to Blaine, what you think about, you bring about. I couldn’t agree more!

As always, I bring a desire to my reading, so that my thoughts are focused on my goals and then my reading is filtered to show me what I need to get there. I often think about my clients and their financial problems and all the worry, fear and stress they experience, along with a core shame that they somehow failed by even considering bankruptcy. My wish is that they find this article, get their FREE copy of the book that’s on the internet and really, REALLY, take to heart that it was their thoughts that brought about their circumstances. Put another way, I believe that there is always good news and bad news about any situation. The bad news is that you got yourself into it, whatever “it” may be. The good news is that since you got yourself into the mess, you can get yourself out of it too! It starts with a choice.

I remember some of my first thoughts about money and wealth. When I was waiting tables while attending the university, I used to say, “I always have enough money.” That mantra helped open my eyes to find money on the streets and increase tips, and even to find a way to obtain free grant money for school. Thoughts really do cause a change in behavior, over time.

Ask yourself this question: What do you really want? Be prepared to give something in return because we all know that you can’t have something for nothing. In fact, maybe that’s why many people fail to achieve a position in the top 1% because they’re not willing to give up something in order to have what they truly DESIRE. I had to give up complaining about my current situation. I gave up the excuses and stories I had painted and woven into my life. Give up thinking that is stinking up your life and go after what you truly DESIRE and the riches will come. Become the master of your own destiny. You can find Blaine’s guidebook at www(dot)MasteringTGR(dot)com.

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