That Roswell ‘Flying Disc’ Incident: The Smoking Gun

There have been hundreds of outstanding unidentifiable UFO events since June 1947, from the 700+ unknowns the USAF couldn’t resolve to the 30% of UFO cases the University of Colorado (Condon Committee) investigation couldn’t solve, all multiplied by the residue of unknowns as recorded by other official investigations around the world. Even though the unsolved to solved ratio of UFO reports is 1 to 19 (5% of UFO sightings remain as unknowns after investigation by those qualified to investigate), that still translates into a vast database of mystery. But the real Smoking Gun episode has to be one in which you can put something physical on the slab in the lab. Fortunately, one case points specifically in that exact direction – Roswell, July 1947. Someone, somewhere, has extraterrestrial stuff on the slab in their lab. The fact that you can’t put it on your slab in your lab is beside the point. Not everyone can be a have; there are the have-nots too.

The Significance of Roswell, July 1947

# Roswell was a very, very early event in UFO history and participants were therefore relatively untainted by the decades of UFO lore that would have been the case if the Roswell event happened today.

# Roswell has historical documentation that nobody can dispute.

# Roswell involved local on-the-spot senior, no-nonsense, responsible and knowledgeable military officials. They had no need for an agenda to fabricate or exaggerate what transpired.

# The Roswell event involved multiple witnesses, both civilian and military. A child’s prank or an orchestrated hoax this most certainly wasn’t.

# The Roswell event was a close encounter that left behind slab-in-the-lab evidence for analysis. This was no vague fleeting point-of-light-in-the-night-sky sighting.

# Delightfully the Roswell event caught the higher-up powers-that-be with their pants down, otherwise we wouldn’t have what initial facts we do have! Roswell proved an acne event to the powers-that-be back then and remains a sore thumb to them over six decades later. Roswell is unlikely to fade away over the next six decades unless there’s a breakthrough in proving or disproving the censorship and cover-ups, real or imagined, associated with its history. The powers-that-be have made a dog’s breakfast of the Roswell incident, the sort of mess that only powers-that-be can accomplish.

# Lastly, if the original version of the Roswell event as related by the RAAF press release and associated media coverage of that release – the capture of a flying disc – then there’s no question but that the powers-that-be are knowledgeable about the real bona-fide existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, an E.T. that’s up close and personal.

The RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) Media Release (8 July 1947)

“The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff’s office of Chaves County”.

“The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell sometime last week. Not having phone facilities, the rancher stored the disc until such time as he was able to contact the sheriff’s office, who in turn notified Maj. Jesse A. Marcel of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office.”

“Action was immediately taken and the disc was picked up at the rancher’s home. It was inspected at the Roswell Army Air Field and subsequently loaned by Major Marcel to higher headquarters.”

It’s an historical (on or for the record) fact that this military document existed – no fraud or fakery can be alleged. That the press release received reasonably widespread national, even international media (radio and newspaper) coverage is not in dispute. That too is an historical fact with no allowance for any wriggle room. The most oft displayed newspaper headline and associated article text reproduced in books and websites is from the Roswell Daily Record, 8 July 1947 – “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region: No Details of Flying Disk Are Revealed”.

The local Roswell coverage was more extensive and detailed since Lt. Haut, the RAAF Public Information Officer (PIO), handed out the press release personally to the media and was able to flesh out the details to the locals. In addition other local residents were able to contribute their observations to the local media.

The Key Players

# The RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) Commanding Officer was Colonel William H. Blanchard. The buck always stops with the CO but for some reason Colonel Blanchard was never disciplined over the Roswell AAF stuff-up that 1) an RAAF staffer, an intelligence officer under his command, couldn’t tell the difference between a metallic disc and a weather balloon; 2) that his Public Information Officer, Lt. Haut, apparently under his directive, issued a media release that had to be countermanded within 24 hours by higher authority. Colonel Blanchard in fact went on to achieve the four-star rank of General as Vice Chief of Staff for the USAF. That suggests that something’s screwy somewhere unless the Roswell events transpired as originally stated.

# The RAAF Intelligence Officer: The RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel (Senior) was first on the crash site scene as ordered. He was never reprimanded for making such a boneheaded mistake – one the little old lady from Pasadena wouldn’t make – that of misidentifying weather balloon materials for a metallic disc. But because he was a career military officer, Major Marcel went along with the official storyline (i.e. – deception) that the Roswell event was just a downed weather balloon, at least until after his discharge and retirement. Then Marcel lowered the boom, rather pissed off that he had been made to look the incompetent fool and gave his version which you can find in his interviews on YouTube. Needless to say, Marcel gives short shrift to the weather balloon explanation, or the explanation that a balloon of any kind was involved.

# The RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) Public Information Officer was First Lieutenant Walter Haut. He was directed by the RAAF Base Commander (Colonel Blanchard) to draft a press release to the public announcing that the US Army Air Forces (at Roswell) had recovered a ‘flying disc’ (a.k.a. – flying saucer) from a nearby ranch. That recovered object was quickly changed from metallic disc to that of a weather balloon under the orders of higher authority (Brigadier General Roger Ramey). Despite the apparent stuff-up, Lt. Haut was never reprimanded. After leaving the military, Haut made several signed and sealed affidavits attesting to the bona-fides of the Roswell event as that of a flying disc. These were in addition to interviews given in which he never retracted his story that the extraterrestrial nature of the events at Roswell was the really real reality of what transpired. Readers can find YouTube video interviews that feature Walter Haut’s position on Roswell.

# William W. (Mac) Brazel was the ranch hand foreman, not the ranch owner proper as is sometimes given, that first came across the Roswell debris field while tending to livestock. Mac Brazel then alerted civilian authorities (the local Sheriff’s Office) who in turn notified personnel at the RAAF in case this was something of a military matter. Mac Brazel had previously found two weather balloons on the ranch-land and this new stuff wasn’t like what he had found on earlier occasions. As a civilian not subject to military authority, he apparently was bribed with a brand new pickup truck and an appeal to patriotism, to keep his mouth shut about what he saw. Apparently there was a bit of intimidation or some additional hard-leaning involved as well. In any event, Brazel, due to all the unwanted publicity and unwanted military attention he received ended up wishing he had never seen the stuff in the first place. Mac Brazel passed away (1963) prior to the reawakening of interest in the Roswell event (roughly 1980) and thus there’s relatively little on the record about the Roswell event directly attributed from him.

Little Grey Bodies

Though the initial press release made no mention of bodies, alien or terrestrial, little grey bodies have been attested to by various witnesses including testimony as part of his to-be-released-after-his-death (deathbed) affidavit, the public information officer, 1st Lt. Walter Haut. Bodies make sense in that it would be rather rare for a terrestrial aircraft to crash without any bodies being on board on the ground – unless sufficient parachutes were provided and all occupants bailed out – always a possibility. By analogy, the same should apply to an extraterrestrial ‘aircraft’.

Also possible, if you dismiss the little grey bodies part of Roswell, is that just as you have unmanned terrestrial drones (a very topical subject today) you could have un-aliened but extraterrestrial drones. A case in point might well have been the aerial ‘foo-fighters’ sighted by all sides during World War Two (especially 1944-45) that have never been adequately explained.

However, alien bodies, alive or dead, are actually irrelevant if you have an actual extraterrestrial craft in hand – a flying saucer or disc in 1947 terminology. The disc or saucer alone proves the bona-fides of the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH).

Why Did the Roswell Debris Leave RAAF?

That the Roswell object, or what was left of it, was squirreled away from the RAAF is made clear in the initial press release and is not in doubt. Higher headquarters in this case was Brigadier General Roger Ramey stationed at Fort Worth AAF (Texas). The Roswell debris allegedly but apparently ultimately ended up at Wright Field (Ohio), now renamed Wright-Patterson AFB, going via Fort Worth. Now the real question is, if the Roswell debris was just constructed out of ordinary balloon materials, regardless of what the purpose of the balloon’s mission was, why not just stuff the tattered remains into the local RAAF trashcan or dumpster? No, if the Roswell object or debris left the RAAF it was because there was something extraordinary about it.

National Security Issues, Official Censorship and Cover-Ups

Now if you, you being the US of A superpower, have obtained extraterrestrial technology (especially at the very beginnings of the Cold War) you are not going to disclose that to anyone, foreign friends or foes or even your own citizens (which would be the same as telling the rest of the world). [I mean if you have sole access to a secret gold mine, are you going to blab the geographical details (latitude and longitude) all over Facebook?] The minimum number of people necessary will be in the loop. Everyone who has no need to know, regardless of their security clearance or military rank or political position, will not be told; will not be given access and therefore will be out of the loop. What you don’t know about you can’t blab about.

So all those other official UFO players – military officers, civilians, consultants (i.e. – J. Allen Hynek) – who officially investigated UFOs (i.e. – Project Blue Book among others), including the University of Colorado (Condon Committee) study, all these people were out of the loop, which just reaffirms that the public face of official UFO investigation was all just a public relations stunt to reassure the great unwashed that their government was on top of things. Those in the loop already knew the answer so there was no point for other serious official investigations by outsiders (those not in the loop). Of course those outside the loop, doing the PR, wouldn’t have been told their employment and efforts were just for PR purposes.

If you, again you being the USA, are in possession of advanced alien technologies you are going to do your darnedest to reverse engineer the technology and adapt it to your own national defence/security needs. You might not be able to do so, any more than advisors to Alexander-the-Great could reverse engineer the hydrogen bomb, a laser pointer or even a ‘simple’ radio receiver set no matter how badly old Alex wanted or demanded to make it so. But you would try your damnedest. Maybe you’d make inroads – maybe not.

Inept Aliens?

Now much has been made of the fact that here you have apparently highly advanced, technologically capable, interstellar space-faring aliens who travel vast distances – crossing light years worth of interstellar space – only to arrive here on Earth then immediately, oops, crash! How dumb is that! Well, accidents happen.

But there’s another logical explanation. The Roswell event (early July 1947) was just a fortnight after the highly publicized Kenneth Arnold flying discs sighting (late June 1947), an event which launched the entire modern flying saucer era. The Arnold sighting precipitated an avalanche of other sightings over the next few days, weeks and months. So here in June 1947, also the beginnings of the Cold War era, all of a sudden you have credible observers reporting relatively incredible things – unidentified ‘aircraft’ or rather unconventional flying discs – that are invading your airspace, purpose(s) and intention(s) unknown. The powers-that-be knew perfectly well these unknowns, whatever they were, were not made-in-America. The logical military and national defence and security response therefore would be to shoot them down if they refuse to land and identify themselves.

Now the powers-that-be have never confirmed or denied that such an order was ever given, a ‘shoot them down’ directive or policy instrument that was established, communicated and in force in early July 1947. If it wasn’t, it damn well should have been otherwise the powers-that-be were derelict in their duty to defend the United States from a possible invasion by unknown forces. Despite the lack of confirm or deny, there are no shortage of newspaper headlines and articles attesting to that shoot-them-down policy as any Internet search will quickly confirm.* So, what if the Roswell craft that crashed wasn’t an oops by inept aliens but the result of hostile action taken against them by U.S. military forces?

Is There Another Terrestrial Alternative?

Might the Roswell object have actually been a classified experimental metallic but terrestrial military aircraft? Alas, in that case, the required cover-up cover story would have immediately been given out as something mundane, like a weather balloon, and not something as equally exotic, if not more so, as in a crashed flying saucer. And by the way, just because something is exotic (like flying saucers and crashed discs) doesn’t make it impossible. In any event, now 65 years after-the-fact, there would be no harm done in saying that the Roswell event was a classified experimental metallic but terrestrial military aircraft and put the remains on public view in a museum – say the Air and Space Museum or other facility the public can visit and gawk at. That’s of course if, and that’s a very big if, the Roswell object was a then classified experimental metallic but terrestrial military aircraft.

What Stinks?

The fact that the powers-that-be changed their spots; their initial story, not once but at least twice, reeks of WTF is going on here, or in other words, of a mix of hydrogen sulphide gas and rotting dead fish. I have to use the dead fish analogy since there’s something really fishy somewhere. Anyone or any organisation that keeps changing their story loses credibility.

Key Points Summary

# Some unusual occurrence involving the landing or crash-landing of an aerial device happened near the town of Roswell, New Mexico in early July 1947. That is not in dispute.

# Local military authorities stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) collected up all the debris from this object and publicly identified it as a flying disc or flying saucer. That is not in dispute.

# Higher authority not stationed at Roswell (therefore not on the spot) immediately contacted the responsible military officials that were stationed at Roswell (who were on the spot) ordering a change in emphasis from the exotic (flying saucer) to the mundane (weather balloon **). They then orchestrated a photo opportunity, showing off the Roswell Intelligence Officer (Major Marcel) holding real weather balloon debris, passing it off as the real Roswell stuff. As an aside, as noted above, the USAF changed their story yet again (roughly around 1995) – still a balloon but a balloon with a secret mission, to monitor secret Soviet nuclear tests (Project Mogul) ***. All that is not in dispute, but does tend to lend a bad odour to the whole sordid affair making the official balloon line highly suspect.

# That the Roswell Intelligence Officer (Major Marcel) and veteran of World War Two, not to mention all the other personnel that would have seen and handled the debris up through and including the Commanding Officer (Colonel Blanchard), that they could all mistake real balloon debris for a metallic flying saucer or disc is absurd in the extreme. The entire Roswell extraterrestrial vs. terrestrial case hinges around this very point. Is it credible that senior military personnel could mistake what was crashed balloon debris for a downed metallic disc or flying saucer? IMHO the answer is clearly “NO”.

# Both the Roswell Public Information Officer (Lt. Haut) and the Intelligence Officer (Major Marcel) after exiting their military careers went publicly, on the record, supporting the original flying saucer/disc diagnosis as being the real nature of the Roswell incident and strongly supporting a point of view that the craft was out-of-this-world. Their testimony is part now of the Roswell incident public record.

To conclude, that’s a Smoking Gun IMHO but it’s a pity that the Gun is behind highly classified, tightly closed security doors, forever to be locked away. No doubt the Roswell debris is as valuable now to the national security and defence of the United States as it was back then. Alien spaceships don’t tend to fall into your backyard as an everyday occurrence!

*Most newspaper reports of a shoot-them-down policy cluster around late July 1952 following the second time within a week that ‘saucers’ invaded the restricted airspace with impunity over the national capitol – Washington, D.C.

“Air Force alerts jets to chase ‘flying saucers’ anywhere in U.S.” – United Press (UP), 29 July 1952:

“Air Force orders jet pilots to shoot down flying saucers if they refuse to land” – The Seattle Post Intelligencer, 29 July 1952:

“Air Force seeks solution, gives ‘shoot down order’” – Washington-INS (International News Service), 28 July 1952:

“Jets on 24 hour alert to shoot down saucers” – The San Francisco Examiner, 29 July 1952:

“Jets told to shoot down flying discs” – The Fall River (Mass.) Herald-News, 29 July 1952.

“Shoot to kill: Pacific Navy fliers ordered to engage saucers” – Fullerton (CA) News-Tribune, 26 July 1956.

**Isn’t it amazing that no other recovered weather balloon, or a balloon of any kind in the entire history of balloon launches and recoveries, has caused such confusion. What odds then that the Roswell object was really recovered balloon debris?

***The top secret balloon story, if true, well that tale of woe could have been released publicly as early as 1965 (if not earlier) instead of waiting until 1995 to spill the beans. Newer and better post-1947 technologies would have done the same job – monitoring Soviet nuclear tests – way more efficiently by 1965. 1947 balloon monitoring was yesterday’s way outdated technology by 1965. So why wait until 1995 to admit it? Actually there’s little doubt there was a top secret balloon project in operation monitoring Soviet nuclear tests, but that doesn’t mean what came down near Roswell in July 1947 was such a balloon.

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