The Commie Chronicles – Episode 8

Following a communist coup, the new rulers work quickly to quench any opposition soon. And religion, any religion, is opposition in the minds of the rulers. The recent coup in the United States and around the world is no exception. The powers are working quickly to completely shut the doors on God.

The British Parliament has before it a bill to ban what is described as ‘verbal counseling.’ That would be face to fave clergy to follower counseling. It is a law being pushed by the LBGTQ etc., lobby. They want it illegal for a person to go to their Pastor for personal counseling for their sexual feelings. The bill follows the outline of recent legislation that passed in Victoria, Australia. Legal scholars in the UK are concerned about a broad interpretation of any such law.

Still in the UK, in the Uxbridge Station section of west London, an elderly Pastor was arrested by the police and taken to jail. What was his crime? He had just delivered a sermon quoting scriptures that said ‘marriage is between and man and a woman.’ What? And they arrest him? He was arrested under a statute regarding hate crimes. Some of his parishioners reported him as preaching hate.

Moving back to the US, pretend President Joe Biden made remarks on our National Day of Prayer. And a funny thing happened, he left God out of his comments. While he mentioned many things, he called on American calls citizens ‘to follow their own faiths and consciences.’ The figurehead of once the world’s most powerful nation, founded on the ten commandments, omits God from his National Prayer Day remarks. A clue to our future.

Canada under Trudeau is racing headlong into communism faster than any other country. We’ve written about the problems there previously. In Calgary, a Pastor committed the terrible crime of holding Easter services. He was locked up for weeks, and when finally released, government officials built a fence around his church to prevent the Pastor from holding services anymore. In Toronto, a Pastor, a Polish immigrant, had his service interrupted by the police, which he promptly chased out of his church. Of course, they came back the next week, and he chased them out again. So far, they haven’t arrested him. To all Canadians, these are clues to your coming demise.

In Pullyap, Washington, the Motion Church recently had to cancel a visiting speaker because Antifa sent notice it would burn down the church with everyone in it. The Pastor had no choice but to stop the event since city authorities offered no support. In Portland, Oregon, ‘rioters’ is code for Antifa, who ransacked and burned a local church while the police were on stand-down orders.

A Methodist Church in Illinois recently held a Drag Queen Sunday. During the gala event, a drag queen, a gay man dressed in full regalia and makeup, was ordained a minister in the church. There are many ways the evils of communism destroy a nation’s faith. A Hillsong minister resigned after posting explicit photos on social media. Another resigned in North Carolina after being arrested on child pornography charges. In other news, Josh Duggar, former TV reality star of 19 Kids and Counting and self-proclaimed Christian, was arraigned in court on child pornography charges as well.

Until next time… watch your back and be wary of the ‘cancel’ birds. You could be next.

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