Kansas City Chiefs Rebuild

It’s hard to believe that one of the most popular teams in the history of the NFL was once founded as the Dallas Texans In 1960. Though the team dominated much of the 1960s in the AFL, it has been several decades since the team took home any Super Bowl championships. However, the team continues to have a strong fan base, continually selling out games and setting records.

Will the Chiefs get their act together and make a major play for the Super Bowl in 2008? If 2007 was any indication then the answer would be no, since the team finished with an unsightly 4-12 record. However, all of these losses have prompted some major changes in the Chiefs management and on-field roster. The Chiefs have a new owner, new offensive coordinator and wide receiver’s coach. Head coach Herman Edwards is still returning, and the team has recently added some depth to the roster. Recently, the Chiefs have signed Anthony Alabi, place kicker Nick Novak, safety Erick Harris, cornerback Chad Johnson, defensive tackle T.J. Jackson, linebacker Demorrio Williams, tight end John Paul Foschi and fullback Oliver Hoyte, among others.

The NFL 2008 Draft was the biggest news however, as the Chiefs chose the highly coveted Glenn Dorsey of LSU for their first round pick and the fifth overall pick. The team also selected guard Branden Albert, running back Jamaal Charles and wide receiver Will Franklin among 8 other high caliber players. It’s not too surprising that Kansas City was stated as the ultimate “winner” in the draft, considering they got 12 rookies overall, the largest rookie pool, and their two selections in the top 15. Dorsey’s draft was the biggest news, especially since the team surprised a few by choosing Dorsey when they had no pressing need for a defensive tackle. The team also dodges concern over Dorsey’s legs, believing he is healthy enough to play, and arguably the draft’s best overall player. Will the Chiefs utilize their draft choices and make it to the playoffs this season?

Many people question if Brodie Croyle has what it takes to lead the franchise to a Superbowl in his third year wearing a Chiefs jersey. Luckily the return of Larry Johnson and the sure hands of Tony Gonzalez should give him the ability to get rid of the ball quickly. Unfortunately Larry Johnson was only on track to barely break 1,000 yards before getting injured last year and his replacement Smith could not move the chains effectively. In order to give Brodie the time needed to pass the ball, the Chiefs offensive line will need to help establish the running game for the elite veteran.

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